Meaning of be skin and bone in English:

be skin and bone


(also be skin and bones)
  • (of a person or animal) be very thin.

    ‘she was nothing but skin and bone’
    • ‘She was the thinnest fox he had ever seen, practically skin and bone.’
    • ‘Posh Spice isn't all that - she's all skin and bone and she's got horrible spots.’
    • ‘I couldn't even tell what it was because it was skin and bone.’
    • ‘She was only skin and bone and obviously very ill.’
    • ‘He was skin and bone, too weak to hold his head up.’
    • ‘If I'd lost another ten I'd have been skin and bone.’
    • ‘She was tiny at a weight of 4lb 11 oz and she was skin and bone then… now she's a great baby to play with and she's nine months old.’
    • ‘One day she saw this gardener - skin and bone - working very slowly and coughing all the time.’
    • ‘She was just skin and bone when she was rescued from the knacker's yard.’
    • ‘I treated people with unrelenting diarrhea, emaciated to skin and bone, crippled with nerve pain, and lost in dementia.’