Meaning of be thick on the ground in English:

be thick on the ground


  • Exist in large numbers or amounts.

    ‘tourists were thick on the ground’
    • ‘media jobs aren't exactly thick on the ground here’
    • ‘Parents however were thin on the ground except for the usual dedicated few.’
    • ‘Sympathy for what he himself has overcome since last August is strangely thin on the ground.’
    • ‘Others argue that allied troops are too thin on the ground to make any difference.’
    • ‘They probably exist, but they're not exactly thick on the ground.’
    • ‘These people are quite exceptionally brave, but are still very thin on the ground.’
    • ‘No wonder public support is so thin on the ground.’
    • ‘This is the trouble when your favourite author's dead; I've read everything and his current output is pretty thin on the ground.’
    • ‘As you can see, my sympathies were thin on the ground.’
    • ‘Good pharmaceutical investments are thin on the ground.’
    • ‘They say the streets are becoming no-go areas at night, with yobs causing mayhem and police already too thin on the ground to tackle the problem.’