Meaning of be unable to hear oneself think in English:

be unable to hear oneself think


  • Used to complain about very loud noise or music.

    • ‘I hate bars where you can't hear yourself think’
    • ‘I am unable to hear myself think because of the shouting in my right ear.’
    • ‘Angels vice president Tim Mead recalls being unable to hear himself think when the team was three outs from clinching the '86 ALCS, but he says the sustained intensity this postseason was far greater.’
    • ‘They were so loud you could not even hear our rides, and we were unable to hear ourselves think, as if thinking is something we have to do!’
    • ‘She was so loud, the rest of the dining room was unable to hear themselves think.’
    • ‘If you have a room with a pool view you cannot lay down in your room because the noise is that bad you are unable to hear yourself think.’
    • ‘It is that urge to run out onto an opposing school's football field after an improbable upset or to be unable to hear yourself think over the roar of the home court anxiously awaiting the final buzzer.’
    • ‘I searched for the giant reticulated python, lizards, macaque monkeys and flying lemurs for hours and hours in the deathly heat, almost unable to hear myself think with the screeching of insects and exotic birds.’