Meaning of be up with the lark in English:

be up with the lark


  • Get out of bed very early in the morning.

    ‘I wanted to leave early, and was up with the lark’
    • ‘You'd think, wouldn't you, that after yesterday's attack of the walking dozes I'd have been up with the lark this morning, bright as something that's really, really bright that time of the morning?’
    • ‘When the children were small I'd be up with the lark; a cooked breakfast was on the table by 7.30 am.’
    • ‘Pet owners who get up with the lark to walk their dogs in a country park are fuming after penalty notices were slapped on their cars.’
    • ‘I was up with the lark, too excited at the prospect of seeing my team to sleep.’
    • ‘But from now on I'm up with the lark and out muck-spreading or doing whatever's needed to keep the farm ticking over properly.’
    • ‘The new parents I know got about four hours' sleep a night for a while and they are still up with the lark.’