Meaning of be well in with in English:

be well in with


  • Have a good relationship with (someone in a position of influence or authority)

    • ‘you're well in with O'Brien aren't you’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the other player involved was well in with the manager, his blue-eyed boy, and I was the one who was ostracised.’
    • ‘Then it was cross-town motorcycle delivery, and by the time we got to skydiving delivery I reckoned I was well in with the company.’
    • ‘Absolutely up to him whom he allows on his land, and I'm sure he is well in with the rest of the Cheshire Aristocracy, but, m'Lord, nine acres ain't exactly an ‘estate’ - it is a very nice garden with a home paddock and hopefully a bit of woodland.’
    • ‘Several of his owners have stuck with him; not surprisingly, he is well in with the footballing owners.’
    • ‘Crito mentions that he is well in with the warder.’