Meaning of be well rid of in English:

be well rid of


  • Be in a better state for having removed (a troublesome or unwanted person or thing)

    ‘she thought the world was well rid of him’
    • ‘The Prime Minister told the committee: ‘I'm quite sure we did the right thing because, not merely was he a threat to his region, to the wider world, but it was an appalling regime that the world is well rid of.’’
    • ‘For the next two days we went on as such, and by the time we reached the Post I was heartily sick of their constant ribbing about the boy, and had come to look on him as something to be well rid of as soon as we arrived.’
    • ‘And judging by Tariana Turia's vote, Labour is well rid of her.’
    • ‘No, they'd decided they were well rid of the WWC.’
    • ‘It confirms what I suspected: that Ellen is well rid of this crazy woman.’
    • ‘The University of Sydney will be well rid of him.’
    • ‘Not only will the captaincy issue be resolved, but their countries will be well rid of them in the political domain.’
    • ‘And the world is well rid of him.’