Meaning of be with someone in English:

be with someone


  • 1Agree with or support someone.

    ‘we're all with you on this one’
    • ‘The president stated emphatically that though he had asked Powell to be with him and support him in a war, ‘I didn't need his permission.’’
    • ‘In a state like Iowa, the winner is probably only going to have 30, 35 percent of the vote, which means about two-thirds of Tom Harkin supporters are going to be with somebody else.’
    • ‘For those of you who've been with me from the beginning, thanks for the support and so long.’
    • ‘It was during times like these that he missed having Julie by his side; she would support him in this career change and she would've been with him in success and in failure.’
    • ‘Paul Flannery said he was especially happy at the support of Bank of Ireland who had been with him all the way.’
    • ‘At the close of the season it is timely to thank our sponsors and supporters, many of whom have been with us since Norpa's inception in 1993.’
    • ‘We knew that there were people against it but we thought most were with us.’
    • ‘Either you were with us or you weren't.’
  • 2 informal often with negative Understand what someone is saying.

    • ‘I'm not with you’
    • ‘While we may think the prospect is with us, or understands what we are explaining, it is often difficult for the listener to grasp the logic of our ‘argument’.’