Meaning of beach ball in English:

beach ball


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  • A large inflatable ball used for playing games on the beach.

    ‘You can also write the details on an inflated beach ball and then deflate it to mail or give to the invitee.’
    • ‘During a party for the kids a year ago, everyone played softball, with a beach ball being used for the ball.’
    • ‘In the pond where Otis, a Brazilian otter, once thrilled visitors with his spectacular antics, his orange beach ball floated, waiting patiently for Otis to take it for a spin.’
    • ‘As they were waiting for the event to begin, they noticed a big beach ball bouncing around the crowd, traveling up the stands and down, back, forth.’
    • ‘It took all my concentration just to remain balanced on the higher air pocket, as if I were balancing a surfboard on a beach ball.’
    • ‘The cheers and screams of excitement lead the giant beach ball to be tossed into the water without a further second's thought.’
    • ‘The book itself is bright yellow and blue, and it has a lime green convertible and a bouncing beach ball on the cover.’
    • ‘‘I want you to show Justin that he's not the toughest fireman on the block,’ she said with a playful challenge, rising to grab the beach ball floating by.’
    • ‘With Mike Stanton pitching, a strike was called, but third base umpire Lance Diaz had called ‘time’ just before the pitch because a beach ball rolled onto the field.’
    • ‘But just before the pitch, first base ump Larry Young called ‘time’ because a beach ball had rolled onto the field near the backstop behind the catcher.’
    • ‘In Einstein's new theory, spacetime can have curvature, like the surface of a beach ball has curvature, compared to the flat top of a table, which doesn't.’
    • ‘When I look up, the security guard is gone and one side of the mall has become a tropical beach, white sand, warm yellow sun, palm trees, a beach ball, and I walk towards it, wanting it, needing it.’
    • ‘She resurfaced and Svetlana served the beach ball.’
    • ‘He turned away from her, and picked up the beach ball.’
    • ‘Adrianne muttered before tossing the beach ball at me.’
    • ‘I also displayed a basketball, a beach ball and a baseball.’
    • ‘Sasha set up the lawn chair on the porch, put her lemonade on the table next to it, and lay down as Patrick and Annie Munoz played with a beach ball.’
    • ‘On the sand, Nat's got a beach ball out, and she keeps hitting it to Ev.’
    • ‘She blew a gigantic bubble the size of a beach ball.’
    • ‘Mathematicians express this by saying that the surface of a beach ball and that of the earth are topologically equivalent.’