Meaning of beachfront in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbiːtʃfrʌnt/

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mainly North American
  • The part of a coastal town next to and directly facing the sea; the seafront.

    as modifier ‘beachfront property’
    • ‘The storm crossed land near the same state-line spot where Ivan arrived, pounding beachfronts already painfully exposed by denuded dunes, flattened neighborhoods and piles of rubble that threatened to turn into deadly missiles.’
    • ‘He found that his home was without power, and water was starting to enter the beachfront property.’
    • ‘Be prepared for cold showers and no electricity in your beachfront digs.’
    • ‘You might be able to see behind me part of a treetop that has been snapped off here on the beachfront down in Playa del Carmen.’
    • ‘That's one of the dozens of nightclubs in Tel Aviv along the beachfront there.’
    • ‘Schools of mature spawners mass along the beachfront, often prowling within reach of piers and jetties.’
    • ‘I went in August, temperatures were high, beachfronts were buzzing, but it was still possible to dine in the evening on the beach, to the restful lapping of Mediterranean waters.’
    • ‘Iwsa has an extensive summer programme of swim and water safety courses at rivers, lakes and beachfronts throughout Ireland.’
    • ‘Night fishing under lights is a classic exercise on bays, canals and beachfronts all along the Texas coast.’
    • ‘From the air, Bellamy was able to see beachfronts where whole communities had been destroyed, save for a mosque or other large structure.’
    • ‘The three thousand troopers at the base had been suited up, and placed on the beachfronts of Manhattan.’
    • ‘Now you see proliferation of raw fish restaurants all along the beachfronts.’
    • ‘For instance, he transports the viewer to the Kozhikode beachfront, parts of Kannur and even the hill station Munnar.’
    • ‘The posts were located on the beachfront, stretching from Tanah Pasir in North Aceh to Samalanga in Bireuen regency.’
    • ‘The race begins at the beachfront at Strandhill and goes straight to the top of the 1,050 feet Knocknarea mountain.’
    • ‘Mr Adams was shocked by the scenes of devastation back on land, including at the beachfront Sheraton Krabi Beach Hotel where he was staying.’
    • ‘She admitted she did not fear any new tsunamis, although her food stall, just like the others, was located on the beachfront.’
    • ‘Nor does the beachfront afford vistas up and down the coast: Turtle Bay is a secluded inlet which makes your activities feel personal.’
    • ‘During the busy tourist season and particularly on sunny days, cars are reduced to one line of traffic to and from the beachfront.’
    • ‘This is a great month to enjoy light-tackle action, while wet wading along the open beachfront.’