Meaning of bead curtain in English:

bead curtain


(also beaded curtain)
  • A screen formed of a set of long strings threaded with beads, typically hung in a doorway.

    ‘the hot wind from the dusty street stirred the bead curtains’
    • ‘Laura heard the clatter of the bead curtain that hung across the entrance to Lisle's study and tilted her head up.’
    • ‘I ducked under the bead curtain and strode towards the sushi bar.’
    • ‘I have put up a bead curtain in the back door in an attempt to put off flies from entering the kitchen.’
    • ‘The salon was like some Zen den: really minimalist and white with clear bead curtains on the wall.’
    • ‘Lighting is low and moody with beaded curtains dividing the various sections and arty bits of decor dotting the walls.’
    • ‘It's small and cosy, with walls decorated in Mexican art, red lanterns hanging from low ceilings and twinkling lights glittering off beaded curtains.’
    • ‘Beaded curtains can be a wide variety of styles and colors.’
    • ‘Passing through a beaded curtain, people found themselves in utter darkness.’
    • ‘We went through a beaded curtain into a long dark hallway.’
    • ‘She proudly shows me the photographs that covered the walls of the inky-dark room behind the beaded curtain.’