Meaning of beadiness in English:



See beady

‘We must, after all, judge the person by their actions and not the beadiness of their eye.’
  • ‘First I was admiring the orange fur - then I was quite astounded by the hard beadiness of the eyes.’
  • ‘Somehow, he even manages to capture the mindless beadiness of their expressions - wonderful!’
  • ‘From the general profile to the small details like the curvature of the mouth, the beadiness of the eyes, or the size of the limbs, David's gaze remains intent on the wood he is personifying.’
  • ‘It is typing this message with its beak and watching me with an eye that makes beadiness an understatement of the highest order.’
  • ‘And their beadiness of eye is frequently reptilian.’
  • ‘You can't see the beadiness of the shoe that well, but that's ok.’
  • ‘But the train itself whisks the narrative along, and Tourneur's unflinching stare at postwar devastation owes less to any documentary pretensions that to an almost Langian beadiness of eye.’