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‘Avicularia are small heterozooids in which the zooecium and operculum form a beak-like, snapping structure that deters small predators.’
  • ‘Modern monotremes lack teeth as adults; sutures are hard to see; the rostrum is elongate, beak-like, and covered by a leathery sheath; and lacrimal bones are absent.’
  • ‘S. vetula have teeth that form beak-like plates, similar to parrots.’
  • ‘Once the prey is snared it is bitten with strong beak-like jaws and pulled into the mouth by the radula.’
  • ‘Parrotfishes are characterized by their distinctive beak-like jaws, in which the teeth are fused together in most species, and a pharyngeal apparatus, which acts as a second set of jaws in the throat.’
  • ‘It is believed that they captured prey with their retractable tentacles and passed it to their mouth where a beak-like jaw tore it into pieces.’
  • ‘The dromaesaur had a long, beak-like snout; small widely spaced teeth; and a long tail.’
  • ‘Although they lack teeth, sea turtles have a beak-like jaw with a sharp cutting edge.’
  • ‘These differences suggest that they developed in parallel from ancestors with projecting beak-like feeding structures similar to that found in Colpodella.’
  • ‘Scarids have fused beak-like jaws which they use to graze on algae.’
  • ‘The front of the skull and the lower jaw were narrow and beak-like.’
  • ‘They butt the coral with their massive heads and smash off parts, crunching it up with giant front teeth fused into a beak-like weapon that's perfect for the job.’
  • ‘Distinction is added by the beak-like profile of Addlebrough to the east.’
  • ‘The three specimens showing the upper jaw all show a beak-like anterior end of the structure.’
  • ‘The larvae began to devour the exoskeletal remains of their previous existence with a beak-like mouth extending from the first segment of their worm-like body.’
  • ‘He was gaunt and extremely pale, with parched lips and a beak-like nose.’
  • ‘About the size of a very large chicken, it had a long neck and tail and a peculiar thin, beak-like snout lined with small and widely spaced teeth.’
  • ‘Winged creatures borne of nightmares circled above them like vultures, snapping their beak-like mouths.’
  • ‘Perennial geraniums or cranebills are so named because of the beak-like fruits that appear after flowering.’
  • ‘The mask has a beak-like nose and seems to be smiling, unlike most of the other heads and masks.’