Meaning of beam engine in English:

beam engine


  • A stationary steam engine with a large oscillating beam that transmits the vertical movement of the pistons to a crank or pump.

    ‘As shown in the engravings, a vertical beam engine placed on the top deck just forward of the boilers drove the paddle wheels.’
    • ‘It had replaced the original beam engine at the mill in 1901.’
    • ‘They also included such icons of industrial progress as the great beam engine designed by James Watt, which now dominates the entrance hall to Sydney's Powerhouse Museum.’
    • ‘The Crossness beam engine house, now the Crossness Engines Industrial Museum, Belvedere Road, Abbey Wood, is opening to the public for Heritage Day on June 4.’
    • ‘The Prince Consort beam engine at the Grade II listed Crossness Pumping House will be under steam during an open day in Belvedere Road, Abbey Wood, this Sunday between 10.30 am and 4.30 pm.’
    • ‘His main backdrop at the museum will be the Easton and Amos rotative beam engine, which although smaller is similar in operation to the four giant engines he installed at Crossness Pumping Station in South East London.’
    • ‘After completing the assembly of an Ansteys 48 inch beam engine at Tunkillo, it was started on 23 May 1850.’
    • ‘Among them having the first horse whim, first Cornish beam engine and the first open cut mine in Australia.’
    • ‘And it had to provide its own drama, for the steam locomotives, rockets, beam engines and hovering aeroplanes (which make many of the traditional galleries unforgettable) are unavailable to the Wellcome.’
    • ‘Here you can see the most powerful working water wheel in Europe, as well as the mechanical giants that are the steam-powered beam engines.’
    • ‘The old pumping station (just peeking out to the left) raised sewage between two levels of the Northern Outfall Sewer, and originally housed eight coal-fired beam engines.’
    • ‘The Crossness Pumping Station was the key element, housing as it did, four magnificent rotative beam engines built by James Watt and Company.’
    • ‘There are smaller beam engines, such as one from Boulton and Watt, that can be seen at the Kew Museum.’
    • ‘Two restored beam engines once used to raise water to the highest part of the Kennet and Avon Canal.’