Meaning of beam splitter in English:

beam splitter


  • A device for dividing a beam of light or other electromagnetic radiation into two or more separate beams.

    ‘Then you shoot the electrons simultaneously into a beam splitter.’
    • ‘According to quantum mechanics, a single photon passing through a beam splitter takes both the reflected and transmitted paths simultaneously.’
    • ‘The amplified pulses were divided by a beam splitter to generate pump and probe pulses.’
    • ‘A photon of light is then fired at a half-reflecting mirror called a beam splitter.’
    • ‘When the two offset beams come back together in the interferometer's second beam splitter, the photons are sorted based on whether the two beams are identical (constructively interfere) or not.’
    • ‘A linear polarizer placed before the beam splitter rejected the p-polarized light, reducing the light noise and increasing the system dynamic range.’
    • ‘The practical application is a polarization beam splitter that achieves 180° of separation with a grating layer of less than 500 nm. nano-imprint lithography’
    • ‘The light reflected by this dichroic mirror, is split into two separate paths with a polarizing beam splitter.’
    • ‘The extinction ratio indicates how well the polarizing beam splitter discriminates between two planes of polarization.’
    • ‘A focused beam of white light is sent through a beam splitter.’
    • ‘Multi-element grating beam splitter using double refraction to reduce optical feedback and associated light source noise’
    • ‘The beam splitter in the coupler deflected light to the video camera at right angles and simultaneously introduced a large amount of polarization.’
    • ‘For each instrument a beam splitter directs a small portion of the excitation output to a photon-counting device.’
    • ‘The interference pattern on the detector shows that, as long as its trajectory isn't registered, the single photon has taken both possible paths from the beam splitter.’
    • ‘After passing a condenser, light was focused on a field stop, and directed by a second condenser to a dichroic beam splitter into the objective and the interface.’
    • ‘A beam splitter has a plane surface arranged at substantially 45 degrees to the first and second surfaces, so as to reflect light from the light emitting display through the second surface.’
    • ‘A long pass 500 nm dichroic was used as the beam splitter.’
    • ‘The transparent beam splitter allows the user to see the real world and the virtual objects at the same time.’
    • ‘The excitation beam was split into two by a beam splitter, and crossed inside a sample cell.’
    • ‘The laser was positioned with a combination of beam splitters, mirrors and lenses to create a vibration-sensitive projection on the nearest wall.’