Meaning of beaming in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbiːmɪŋ/

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  • Smiling broadly; grinning.

    ‘his beaming face told its own story’
    • ‘a beaming smile’
    • ‘He then pointed at Bagley, who was escorted away beaming.’
    • ‘You could see some of them were positively beaming.’
    • ‘I put the phone down five minutes later, absolutely beaming.’
    • ‘Emerging onto the balcony in Rome this evening, he was beaming.’
    • ‘There were brides in silky, flowing gowns, some beaming, others looking slightly terrified.’
    • ‘I turned to look at his beaming, exited face.’
    • ‘On Monday a beaming headteacher spoke of his delight in getting the backing of the DFES for the new school.’
    • ‘With a beaming grin on her openly innocent face, our little angel crawled under the sheets.’
    • ‘Beaming, the boy raced off to pass along the news to the others.’
    • ‘A beaming Sam was caught on camera in the photograph published in last Saturday's Observer.’
    • ‘A special nod to the brass section - not always the source of beaming pride at the NSO - that did a marvelous job.’
    • ‘Walker takes a moment to register the news, then appears amazed, before breaking into a beaming grin.’
    • ‘I felt the weight of disapproving stares from Mandy and Serena, before they were quickly replaced by beaming smiles.’
    • ‘He was neither small nor slender and possessed an astonishing amount of unruly blond curls framing his beaming pink face.’
    • ‘I couldn't stop smiling and stealing little glances at him, and he was just beaming.’
    • ‘Finally, nostalgic for his happy Chicago childhood, he turned his drama department into a surrogate family with himself as benevolently beaming paterfamilias.’
    • ‘The Deputy stands to greet each, dispensing a hearty handshake and a beaming smile.’
    • ‘A loud commotion came from out of doors, and Sarah's face brightened with a beaming smile.’
    • ‘Kin and Gin gained international fame for their beaming smiles, enormous vitality and shared longevity.’
    • ‘Sufficiently assuaged, a beaming Anita scuttled off.’
    grinning, smiling, laughing
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