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bean curd


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another term for tofu
‘There are two reasons to press tofu: to remove water and to compact the bean curd.’
  • ‘Top the mushrooms with a few cilantro leaves and fold the long sides of the bean curd sheet over to enclose the filling.’
  • ‘I eventually settled for a bean curd skin and soba soup at a little Japanese place, which was ok except for the fact that I had meant to ask for Udon.’
  • ‘Tofu - or bean curd - long a staple in the Asian diet, has become mainstream in the West.’
  • ‘But fresh bean curd, or tofu, is not included as it is white and unlucky for New Year, as the color signifies death and misfortune.’
  • ‘From beef to bean curd, from tofu to toadstools and anything in-between.’
  • ‘It is made of bread, pine nuts and strong-smelling preserved tofu, or bean curd.’
  • ‘Fried bean curd tastes better when you're away from home.’
  • ‘But the slender bean curd can so easily be boiled into a pulp and spoiled.’
  • ‘The woman, who had assumed that I wouldn't understand her, looked as though she had found a fly in her bean curd.’
  • ‘This simple dish can be enhanced with a little shrimp paste and a few small prawns, or with roast duck and fermented bean curd.’
  • ‘May whoever invented the white cardboard carry-out container spend eternity waist-deep in bean curd.’
  • ‘We laugh at exercise fanatics and throw incredulous glances in the direction of those who opt for bean curd over black pudding.’
  • ‘The vegi sushi featured rice and seaweed topped with asparagus, cucumber, soya bean curd and omelette.’
  • ‘Legumes, pulses, bean curd (soya paneer), rice, cereals and potatoes contribute to vegetarians' low body fat.’
  • ‘Stewed shark's fin in supreme soup, boiled bean curd with shrimps and sauteed sliced of eel in chilli sauce are a few examples of the popular local cuisine.’
  • ‘This bean curd dish, poetically named ‘Spring shines on the Su Bank’ is invariably flavoured with tea at Tian Tian Wang.’
  • ‘Braised bean curd soup with chicken, ham, beans and crab roe is offered before the hot dishes.’
  • ‘First to arrive is the Spicy Peppercorn Tofu, an enormous vat of cubed bean curd served stew-style with thin-sliced pork, green pepper, peas, and mushroom that could probably feed four people all on its own.’
  • ‘Ming's home special bean curd consisted of soft squares of tofu.’