Meaning of beanie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbiːni/

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nounplural noun beanies

  • A small close-fitting hat worn on the back of the head.

    ‘While the models were clothed in plain white Bonds underwear, they were draped with warm woollen beanies and scarves.’
    • ‘David Chen at Mega Cap says knit caps, aka: beanies or skull caps, actually hit a couple years back as well.’
    • ‘They were all wearing hats, from trucker hats to baseball caps to beanies.’
    • ‘Eccentric chic is apparently all very now: think Oxford beanies, tricorn hats, feather boas and you get some idea of the serious lack of taste required.’
    • ‘The PRADA beanies were some of the most talked-about hats of the collections, while the MIU MIU satchels had a young, good-time-girl appeal.’
    • ‘This listener, though, grew up in a land where bands weren't afraid to express themselves in fez beanies, lederhosen and greasepaint (in other words, Calgary).’
    • ‘He long swooshing tail coat matching her top hat, the top hat covering her blue beanie tied into a pair of bunny ears.’
    • ‘There in a corner of the store would be their limited selection of official Girl Scout dresses, jumpers, shirts, socks, beanies, and sashes.’
    • ‘The protester, wearing a white T-shirt, shorts, sunglasses and a beanie hat, showed no imminent signs of coming down.’
    • ‘After all, you can't have your captain going up the steps to receive the silverware in a tracksuit and a beanie hat.’
    • ‘Which kicks off a wandering etymological and sartorial definition-fest on toques and beanies and the difference therein, wound around several more wryly delivered anecdotes.’
    • ‘It must be the wooly looking oversized beanies.’
    • ‘His suits were put into storage, and on went the beanie hats and jeans.’
    • ‘They wore identical black cargo pants, shirts, gloves and beanies.’
    • ‘During this time CCTV footage showed him wearing similar clothes a white beanie hat and blue jeans which the victim said that her attacker was wearing.’
    • ‘He was dressed in attire befitting the troubadour in his beanie and old comfortable shirt.’
    • ‘Tomorrow I begin the hunt for fingerless gloves and a beanie, possibly two beanies and two pairs of gloves.’
    • ‘She grab a blouse, all-stars, some jeans and a beanie with a skull on it.’
    • ‘Her hood was pulled over her head and she wore a beanie hat underneath.’
    • ‘Wrapped up in blankets, beanies, long leggings and anything else to keep warm, some runners grumbled when the countdown to the start began and they had to get rid of the warm gear.’


1940s (originally US): perhaps from bean (in the sense ‘head’) + -ie.