Meaning of bear hug in English:

bear hug


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  • A rough, tight embrace.

    ‘Zeke allowed her to squeeze him into a tight bear hug, remaining collected all the while.’
    • ‘She handed me my purse, gave me a tight bear hug, and shoved me out the door.’
    • ‘Avi was about to say something when someone came from behind him and yanked Adreana into a tight bear hug.’
    • ‘The older Virginian turned around just as Jackson reached him and drew him into a tight bear hug.’
    • ‘He had pulled her into a tight bear hug and she had felt the awkwardness of everything even hours later.’
    • ‘There was a warm smile on his mouth while he engulfed her in a tight bear hug.’
    • ‘Georgia grabs me into a bear hug so tight I literally lose my breath for a second.’
    • ‘Jillie squealed, hopping up to lunge at her twin brother and embrace him in a bear hug.’
    • ‘Her face lit up the moment she saw them and threw her arm around Jesse in a rough bear hug.’
    • ‘I smiled back and he gave me a hug, almost a bear hug but not as tight as it could have been.’
    • ‘He gave me his famous bear hug and squeezed me until I felt like I was going to suffocate.’
    • ‘They clasped each other in a bear hug, both laughing until tears started to squeeze out of their eyes.’
    • ‘One guy attacked me in a big bear hug of excitement, which incidentally, I didn't mind at all.’
    • ‘I threw my arms around the two kids sitting beside me and pulled them down to the ground in a bear hug.’
    • ‘On their first visit, he threw open the door and immediately rushed to give his mum, dad and sister an enthusiastic bear hug.’
    • ‘Yet, he burst into tears of pride, giving me a bear hug when I showed him my article in Frontline.’
    • ‘She gives me a bear hug and then she's off, dressed soberly now in black and denim.’
    • ‘As we smoked and chewed, she said all the right things and gave me a big bear hug.’
    • ‘Instead of outlawing the free market, Florida should embrace it with bear hug.’
    • ‘Laurie ran to him and flung her arms around his neck; he lifted her off the ground in a bear hug and swung her around.’
    hug, cuddle, squeeze, clasp, hold, clutch, clinch, nuzzle, caress