Meaning of bear in on in English:

bear in on

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phrasal verb

  • 1bear in on someoneMove directly towards someone in a purposeful or intimidating manner.

    ‘he had a vision of Adair bearing in on him’
    • ‘The truth has been borne in upon them through their own brave stand that there can be no normal sport in an abnormal society.’
    • ‘The truth of that observation will, I think, be borne in on anyone who has watched the BBC tape, as I have.’
    • ‘As I listened it began to be borne in on me that he was talking complete nonsense, and that I had better have a bit of a think about it.’
    • ‘He ran hard for a quarter of a mile, and at the end of that distance it began to be borne in upon him as a strange and curious thing that there were so few people about, and that there were no shops open.’
    • ‘Elinor has her full complement of sensibility, though her capacity and her cause for suffering is late to be borne in on her inattentive family.’
    • ‘Tracing the musical genealogy of any given nationalistic genre is no easy task, particularly when there are many influences brought to bear upon it.’
    • ‘He was a splendid worker but influence was brought to bear on him, which eventually made him decide to resign from the mission and enter the mining business.’
  • 2be borne in on someoneCome to be realized by someone.

    • ‘the folly of her action was borne in on her’