Meaning of bearded collie in English:

bearded collie


  • A dog of a shaggy breed of collie with long hair on the face.

    ‘The dogs included shih-tzus, dachshunds, lhasa apsos, bearded collies, corgis, chihuahuas, poodles, pekinese and Yorkshire terriers.’
    • ‘Geeson groups the dogs together according to their coats, so the longcoated breeds such as Afghan hounds, bearded collies and Yorkshire terriers are all together.’
    • ‘Pekinese, bearded collies, dachshunds and Yorkshire terriers were among the 260 dogs seized at a single house in Lancashire last month.’
    • ‘Various breeds of pedigree dogs, including miniatures shih-tzus and lhasa apsos, dachshunds, bearded collies and a corgi were recovered.’
    • ‘Out in the kitchen, I'm introduced to more of her four-legged friends: Bernard, a huge Irish Wolfhound / bearded collie cross, Jojo, a Maltese terrier cross, and Nicky, a Norfolk terrier cross Angela is looking after for her neighbour.’
    • ‘Today judges will see all the working group, which includes boxers and dobermans, as well as the pastoral section, featuring bearded collies and the old English sheepdog.’
    • ‘‘It's like a large family reunion with dogs,’ said Banfield, who owns two bearded collies, Lorna and Buddy.’
    • ‘The breeds from which the sheepdog sprang are not identified, though some people maintain that Scotch bearded collies played a significant role in the sheepdog's development.’
    • ‘The three-year-old bearded collie has developed a phobia to firework explosions and owner Shirley Brown has been told by vets to consider having her put down.’
    • ‘Six weeks ago Jess' kennel mate, Silver, a four-year-old bearded collie, gave birth to a litter of four.’
    • ‘She said the competition would be tough but looked forward to showing her bearded collie, Polly.’
    • ‘The three-year-old bearded collie uses his keen sense of smell to sniff out missing people.’
    • ‘They have a wicked bearded collie called Dudley who I spent a lot of time winding up!’
    • ‘Last year, Joyce Jones, aged 44, from Westhoughton was given a 160-hour community service order after admitting causing unnecessary suffering to 14-year-old bearded collie called Digby.’
    • ‘A 5-year-old bearded collie female was referred for cytogenetic studies due to infertility.’
    • ‘Six weeks ago she adopted an eight year old bearded collie, which has stared displaying behavioural problems.’