Meaning of bearded tit in English:

bearded tit


  • A small long-tailed Eurasian songbird of the parrotbill family, the male of which has dark markings resembling a moustache, frequenting reed beds.

    Also called reedling

    Panurus biarmicus, family Panuridae (or Paradoxornithidae); formerly placed in the tit family

    ‘By July, the activities here of young bearded tits and buntings and their busy parents may reveal their hiding places.’
    • ‘Within a dozen years, however, what appeared to be a miracle occurred and more bearded tits were breeding in Britain than had been recorded for more than a century.’
    • ‘Public viewing hides at the reserve and on the shores of the Bay offer glimpses of the rare bearded tit and bittern.’
    • ‘Other highlights at the reserve, at this time of year, include duck species, including the widgeon as well as the tiny bearded tit.’
    • ‘I have seen the occasional bearded tit in Pattaya but never sets of blue or great tits.’