Meaning of bearded vulture in English:

bearded vulture


another term for lammergeier
‘One of four species of vulture found in Europe, bearded vultures earned their name from a small tuft of dark feathers below their beaks.’
  • ‘Editor's reply: European scientists attempting to bolster the bearded vulture population tell us that the vultures often lay two eggs, and one hatchling will typically kill the other.’
  • ‘‘We have to put food in the caves every third or fourth day,’ says Richard Zink, a biologist and project coordinator who monitors bearded vultures in Austria and Germany.’
  • ‘We report the first entire mitochondrial DNA control region sequences in two endangered vulture species, the bearded vulture and the Egyptian vulture.’
  • ‘South Africa's border with the mountain kingdom of Lesotho runs along the top of the Drakensberg, which Kruger said is the only area in southern Africa where the bearded vulture occurs.’
  • ‘Function and temporal variation in use of ossuaries by bearded vultures during the nestling period’
  • ‘Therefore, when he immortalized the African bearded vulture in porcelain (Pl. IV), it was simply called ‘Indian vulture.’’
  • ‘On the first expedition, A.F.R. Wollaston, the medical officer, saw a bearded vulture soaring over North Peak at about 25,000 feet.’
  • ‘The appearance of bearded vulture chicks in the wild the past three years has prompted some of the reintroduction team to term the project successful, but Frey calls that assessment premature.’