Meaning of bearish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɛːrɪʃ/

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  • 1Resembling or likened to a bear, typically in being rough, surly, or clumsy.

    ‘a bearish figure with mutton chop whiskers’
    • ‘As Arnoldo, tenor Chris Merritt is a lumbering, bearish presence.’
    • ‘The types we got at B&Q were young couples, old crusty workmen blokes, middle-aged couples, pensioners (usually on a Wednesday) and the odd beefy bearish labourer.’
    • ‘‘That was the last time I'll go in a light aircraft,’ he repeats, sitting in a London cafe, his face a bearish bristle of hair, topping a navy blazer and jeans.’
    • ‘Upon meeting his first jazz instructor there, a bearish Israeli whose last name is Katsenelenbogen, Matt cried out, ‘Six syllables!’’
    • ‘Running the public affairs show is a bearish soldier who looks like the kind of guy who enjoys breaking things on his face.’
    • ‘His father was round, creased and bearish, his face puffy from heavy drinking and chain-smoking.’
    • ‘We met at work, and I was entranced by this big nerdy bearish intelligent fella.’
    • ‘Paul was looking almost bearish with the face fuzz that he seems to grow every so often.’
    • ‘From a boyhood spent hunting and climbing in southern Idaho, Petzoldt grew into a bearish man with enormous flat feet and eyebrows of legendary bushiness.’
    • ‘Herbst is a bearish Afrikaner with unruly graying hair and a love of a good joke.’
    stupid, foolish, idiotic, cretinous
  • 2Stock Market
    Characterized by or associated with falling share prices.

    ‘Both of these are bearish signals for property share prices.’
    • ‘That's why shares trade at a bearish $21, down from $28 on June 2.’
    • ‘Will increased volatility on the VIX be bullish or bearish for the Dow?’
    • ‘The week opened on a decidedly bearish note with the Dow Jones Industrial Average suffering its biggest one day loss since early February.’
    • ‘At the time, a huge bearish divergence between Gold prices and Gold Stocks had developed with Gold prices making new highs, while Gold Stocks were unable to advance.’
    • ‘When TRIN is overbought and NH-NL returns a bearish signal, the stock market top has likely been reached.’
    • ‘The corresponding bearish divergence occurs when prices hit a new high, but the HPI reaches a lower top.’
    • ‘Another important fact is that rising volume together with declining prices is also bearish.’
    • ‘We based this forecast on our research showing that sentiment usually peaks or bottoms well before the actual price top or low, giving way to a bearish or bullish divergence similar to momentum measures of the market.’
    • ‘When open interest is high at a market top and the price falls off dramatically, this scenario should be considered bearish.’
    • ‘As the stock market remained bearish, the government again was forced to relax the rules, and in October last year it abolished the 10% levy on profits repatriated after one year.’
    • ‘The patterns are the easiest to define: they are simply bullish and bearish patterns that alternate every five or so days.’
    • ‘For instance, the last two weeks could have shown the market to be bullish while the last two years may have displayed a bearish tendency.’
    • ‘The Dow closed up 206 points on a day with mixed economic news, much of it bearish, none of it all that bullish.’
    • ‘But the same report warned that the world economy is bearish and that considerable fluctuation may still be experienced by individual commodities, away from the main trend.’
    • ‘‘Fundamentals right now are bearish,’ he said.’
    • ‘But bearish effects of the US inventory data may be hurt as still scarce petrol supplies and a relatively optimistic global economic outlook encourage buying.’
    • ‘"Rising inflationary expectations are bearish to stocks and bonds because they lead to expectations of higher short-term interest rates.’
    • ‘Also, we can say that a key reason behind the bearish trend in 2002 was the net selling of stocks by investors from overseas.’
    • ‘Oil production had been falling since 1985 so the outlook for the industry was somewhat bearish.’