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‘Part of the answer may lie in the peculiar economic euphoria of the mid- and late '90s, when bearishness began to seem unpatriotic and prosperity looked like a permanent entitlement.’
  • ‘As bearishness has spread across the globe, investors have been quick to take profits and withdraw from riskier areas such as emerging markets.’
  • ‘Only an extreme bullish reading on the Bullish Review would indicate uncommon bullishness of the commodity commitments; likewise, only an extreme bearish reading would indicate uncommon bearishness.’
  • ‘Extreme bearishness would be any number close to + 10, which would give a signal that the market is about to change in a positive direction, with the bulls taking control.’
  • ‘A rising open interest demonstrates that bulls are confident enough to enter into contracts with bears, who are equally confident in their bearishness to enter into the position.’
  • ‘On 9 / 10, I published a missive expressing incremental optimism on gold and incremental bearishness on the dollar.’
  • ‘Looking at weekly charts of company XYZ's stock, we notice some basic swings between bullishness and bearishness that each last about five days.’
  • ‘In fact we welcomed the continued bearishness.’
  • ‘If you ask me, though, the bearishness is overdone.’
  • ‘The local currency, which opened at NT $33.832, rose for a fourth day amid continued bearishness versus the greenback.’
  • ‘Sentiment indicators have dollar bearishness at very high levels, and there is a lot of bearish dollar talk these days in the media.’
  • ‘Until the receipt of the one critical letter as mentioned above, I do not recall any others criticizing my bearishness.’
  • ‘With a mood of extreme bearishness shrouding the market, most dealers said it was difficult to project when a technical rebound would happen.’
  • ‘Currently, the levels have just retreated from excessive bearishness and are thus moderately bullish.’
  • ‘Contrarians might take the view that there is still not enough bearishness or panic in the market to warrant a bottom.’
  • ‘It has arguably been the worst week this year for technology stocks, and that's saying something given the bearishness of the past month.’
  • ‘Get your timing wrong, on either your exit from the market or your re-entry, and much of your bearishness would have been in vain.’
  • ‘Recall that dollar bearishness reached a low ebb in all surveys we follow four weeks ago.’
  • ‘De-coupling is the chief reason why my ongoing bearishness has failed to materialize.’
  • ‘He projected that the market would continue to experience bearishness for a short run.’