Meaning of beastlike in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbiːstlʌɪk/

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‘Children at Meridian Primary School have completed three murals showing monsters, goblins and other beast-like characters.’
  • ‘At times, he's crawling, beast-like across the floor, venting enough raw emotion and passion to land him the lead in a West End musical.’
  • ‘This has enabled the human race to shift the condition of humanity from a beast-like going into the stall, or hunting in the woods, into the ability to have an intellectual life, a human form of cultural life.’
  • ‘In the late '50s, his paintings became populated with stumpy, beastlike figures, often adorned with military medals.’
  • ‘The man uttered a guttural, beastlike sound.’
  • ‘That is how the horned god came to be seen as the devil: a beastlike figure used by early Christians to engender fear of nature religions.’