Meaning of beat-matching in English:



mass noun
  • The action or technique of synchronizing the tempos of two recordings to enable a smooth transition between them in a set of uninterrupted music.

    ‘if your music is badly chosen, the best beat-matching in the world won't save you’
    • ‘Sometimes he does just the opposite: a clean and simple crossfade with no fanfare (or even beat-matching).’
    • ‘Being a DJ back then didn't just require beat-matching and phrase-matching.’
    • ‘The set didn't rely on beat-matching: it relied on a beat.’
    • ‘You can also import your own songs and MP3 files for beat-matching and mixing.’
    • ‘I don't actually own a set of turntables, though I did borrow a pair from a friend and used them for a couple of months to get a grip on beat-matching.’
    • ‘Tracks were extended, like today's dance music, to allow for beat-matching, and were usually released as 12-inch singles.’
    • ‘Gery practices beat-matching nearly every day, and has a friendly competition going with DJ partner Dave P.’
    • ‘Tunes meld seamlessly thanks to the automatic beat-matching, which may render professional DJ skills redundant, but ensures amateurs can hook a song or two together with gratifying elegance.’
    • ‘DJ Swifty B showed youngsters DJ-ing skills such as drop-mixing and beat-matching on state-of-the-art decks.’