Meaning of beat frequency in English:

beat frequency


  • The number of beats per second, equal to the difference in the frequencies of two interacting tones or oscillations.

    ‘amplitude modulated beat frequency’
    • ‘a beat frequency oscillator’
    • ‘Some people are sensitive to beat frequencies, the difference between flickering sources at two different rates.’
    • ‘The separation distance of images of your hand would be the velocity of your hand divided by the beat frequency, or, as a formula.’
    • ‘His interest is in the kind of beat frequencies, harmonics and overtones made by combining tones that differ from each other by only a few hertz, sketching out his ideas using sine waves and oscilloscopes.’
    • ‘For example, 10 cm R. catesbeiana at room temperature swim at tail beat frequencies that cluster around either 3 Hz or 10 Hz.’
    • ‘This beat frequency is obtained in electronic form on the output side of the detector.’
    • ‘Its useful range was approximately fourfold lower than the wing beat frequency range capable of supporting Drosophila flight.’
    • ‘In particular the wing beat frequency of intact tethered locusts flying in a wind stream becomes essentially insensitive to temperature increases after a prior heat shock.’
    • ‘The low frequency tone emitted in flight is plainly audible to the ear and microphonic filtering yielded the wing beat frequency, as Sotavalta reliably showed for many insect species.’
    • ‘When I got home, I noticed an interference pattern on many channels resembling the beat frequency when signal cables are too close to power cords.’
    • ‘The motion of all structures was smooth and periodic, with a period corresponding to the beat frequency.’
    • ‘However, at tail beat frequencies at or below 3 Hz, there was a clear phase shift of as much as 1deg per 1% body length between the wave of EMG activity and the bending wave.’
    • ‘While ‘Sine Wave Study’ illustrates boldly the capacity for beat frequencies to produce low pitches from two high pitches.’
    • ‘The measurements were made at a frequency of 10 Hz, because this frequency approximates to human airway ciliary beat frequency.’
    • ‘In contrast, RLC phosphorylation is elevated in rats during increased beat frequency or left ventricular pressure due to exercise or inotropic agents.’
    • ‘The diagnosis is much less likely to be missed if beat pattern analysis and electron microscopy are undertaken in addition to beat frequency measurement.’
    • ‘In insects, including Drosophila, cold temperatures lower wing beat frequency and thus power output, resulting in reduced flight performance.’
    • ‘Flight ability and wing beat frequency were measured at 15°C, the same temperature at which muscle mechanical measurements were performed, to allow direct comparison of muscle kinetics and flight parameters.’
    • ‘It was gratifying to see that the lowest fundamental frequency (resonant frequency) predicted by their model was in good agreement with our observed 3 Hz tail beat frequency preferred by tadpoles of the same size and species.’
    • ‘Only one patient had severely reduced beat frequency.’
    • ‘Hypertonic nasal irrigation has been shown to increase mucociliary clearance and ciliary beat frequency.’