Meaning of beat someone to a pulp in English:

beat someone to a pulp


(also smash someone to a pulp)
  • Beat someone severely.

    ‘You didn't get to see any of that because we were beaten to a pulp.’
    • ‘The lad on the floor looked like he had been beaten to a pulp.’
    • ‘What kind of society do we have when our sons and daughters, our grandchildren, our brothers and sisters cannot travel home at night without a gang of aggressive drunks beating them to a pulp, just for the hell of it?’
    • ‘Only about one per cent of the prison population, he calculates, are unreconstructed psychopaths who would beat you to a pulp for a fag-end.’
    • ‘It seems that half the men in the country would like to beat him to a pulp while half the women would like to go to bed with him.’
    • ‘Don't you realize that the evil bad-guy always reveals his diabolical plot right before the good-guy beats him to a pulp?’
    • ‘Her husband beats her to a pulp while the security guard reads his newspaper as if nothing is happening.’
    • ‘Besides beating you to a pulp, I seem to have run out of ideas.’
    • ‘One of the skinnier guys pushed him right over with a hit to his stomach, and immediately joined his buddies in beating Dmitri to a pulp.’