Meaning of beat time in English:

beat time


  • Indicate or follow a musical tempo with a baton or other means.

    ‘The robot replaced the bandleader during one song, beating time with a baton in its pistoning arm.’
    • ‘Not many conductors have ever had to beat time to a chamber ensemble on his left while, on the right, deejay, rapper and band are zipping off an unscripted rhythm.’
    • ‘Their teacher would beat time with her pencil on the music rack.’
    • ‘In good weather, when the windows are all wide open to the street, you hear students working at brass and woodwinds, teachers beating time.’
    • ‘I was thinking about singing accompanied only with the sound of a spoon beating time on a saucepan.’
    • ‘The drummer beat time and the pipes brought mounting excitement.’
    • ‘They also include the technical aspects, such as the principles of beating time, left-hand techniques, score reading and accompanying.’
    • ‘Teams must have a minimum of 12 and maximum of 16 people, plus a drummer to sit at the head of the boat and beat time for the crew.’
    • ‘We see him taking his grandchildren on sketching trips and marching with them round the dining room in Nice, beating time on a drum.’
    • ‘We were required to hold our books in our left hand and beat time with our right.’