Meaning of beatbox in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbiːtbɒks/


  • 1A drum machine.

    • ‘Artists formerly known as Sub Sub - they of the Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use) dance hit - Doves have swapped the synths and beatboxes for epic guitar rock.’
    • ‘Simple elements - strummed acoustic guitar, muffled beatbox, acoustic piano, organ, occasional electronics - are arranged to create an elegant anonymity which allows the listener to listen in their own way.’
    • ‘Snowboy's lead on congas and assorted Afro-Cuban beatboxes is shared with shimmering vocals by Davide Giovanni and backed by the formidable talents of the Latin Section.’
    • ‘You could book her for a dinner party, for example, so instead of playing a record, Isabelle would sing and play minimal punk with dancey rhythms, with a synth and a beatbox.’
    • ‘Its childish simplicity, with cheap cha-cha beatbox rhythm and wobbly guitar, is both disarming and strangely poignant.’
    • ‘Soon, the two are joined by popping drum sounds from the beatbox; at times, when the beat speeds up, the vocals become vocalized drum samples.’
    • ‘As a teenager, she discovered hip-hop, then went to art college and eventually made contact with two pivotal female Svengali figures, Elastica's Justine Frischmann and raunchy MC Peaches, who taught her to use a beatbox.’
    • ‘Since divorcing their drummer last year, the trio adopted samplers and beatboxes and has been steadily gaining a reputation as one of the best live acts in town, albeit with one of the shortest sets.’
    • ‘Without instruments, listeners will hear whooping, chattering, burbling, aspirating and the occasional thumping beatbox.’
    • ‘Better still, Shaggy and Rahzel bring toasting and human beatbox to ‘Bam Bam’.’
    • ‘At the beginning his face fills the screen, silent for a moment before making the human beatbox sounds that start the film.’
    • ‘It all started with an underlying rhythm from a beatbox that we'd bought in Chinatown, then Bob played guitar to that.’
    • ‘He wrote them with an electric guitar, a 15 watt amp and a kid's beatbox.’
    • ‘She had a samba groove done by a Brazilian human beatbox and wondered if I could come up with a melody or something.’
    • ‘The title is a reference to the five boroughs of their home city, whose iconic, bustling streets and block-corner beatbox sounds permeate almost every note, sample and sneering lyric of their back catalogue.’
    • ‘The mercurial troubadour has forsaken 88 keys in favor of syncopated rhythms, turntables and a human beatbox.’
    • ‘On the stunning ‘Synth Loop,’ Bök turned human drum machine, delivering rapid-fire techno rhythms to rival any hip-hop beatbox, redefining preconceptions of both electronic music and poetry.’
    • ‘To their right, a DJ creates a vibrant hip-hop soundtrack, showing off impressive scratching and beatbox skills.’
    • ‘Someone somewhere could probably explain the stark slave realities behind turning old '80s pop songs into beatbox sample fests.’
    • ‘Then there are songs like ‘Triumph of the Heart’ that border hip-hop terrain by putting the beatbox front and center.’
  • 2A radio or radio cassette player used to play loud music, especially rap.

    • ‘Me, I'm off to go spacedancing with my renewable-energy beatbox.’
    • ‘We had a beatbox, and people kicked freestyles and writtens.’
    • ‘As for subway performers who actually do exist, I really dig that dude with the trumpet and beatbox, but I haven't seen him in a while.’
    • ‘The speaker unit, which clamps just below the screen and looks like a big white bow tie, is called the beatbox.’
    • ‘Ireland stands outside Lux's window with a bouquet of flowers and his beatbox.’


[no object]
  • Imitate the sounds of a drum machine with the voice.

    ‘Well that's the first song done then; Tom Waits grumbling and growling like only he can, beatboxing now too, just for kicks, while his son breaks a turntable.’
    • ‘A bodyguard rushed to intercede, but Fresh made a quick explanation, grabbed a mike, and started beatboxing along with P and Co.’
    • ‘And my friend and I were playing and beatboxing and rapping and the cops stopped us and said we couldn't do that.’
    • ‘I'm listening to Beck and his band rocking Hamburg last August, beatboxing at the same time as he plays ‘One Foot in the Grave’ on harmonica.’
    • ‘I'm beatboxing, there's a drummer and two synths.’
    • ‘Anyone who's been following the Canadian version of Popstars might have seen our very own X-Wam beatboxing his way to the next round.’
    • ‘If there's a problem, act like a pro and kick some acapellas or get someone to beatbox until it's sorted.’
    • ‘My friend used to beatbox in basketball practice.’
    • ‘The Invisible Spies crew was too busy beatboxing and tagging overpasses to bother picking up any post-'92 hip hop from across the pond.’
    • ‘MCs can rhyme, beatbox or freestyle for an open mike and battle.’
    • ‘The young people involved are broadening the scope of the event to include an MC section, where local MCs can rhyme, beatbox or rap in an open mic section.’