Meaning of beating-up in English:


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nounplural noun beatings-up

  • A violent assault in which the victim is hit repeatedly.

    • ‘he suffered substantial bruising and severe headaches as a result of the beating-up’
    • ‘Does he carry on for a couple of seasons facing the inevitable day when someone younger comes along and finally manages to give him a good old-fashioned beating-up?’
    • ‘If he went aboard without an authority to do so he would risk a beating-up.’
    • ‘For about a month after that an orgy of brutal beatings up and assaults upon Prisoners of War irrespective of rank occurred.’
    • ‘Beatings-up in the street are dismissed on the ground that they took place "in the heat of battle."’
    • ‘The beating up had been cleverly done, for his face had been left untouched.’
    battering, thrashing, thumping, pounding, pummelling, drubbing, slapping, smacking, hammering, hitting, striking, punching, knocking, thwacking, cuffing, buffeting, boxing, mauling, pelting, lambasting