Meaning of beaucoup in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbəʊkuː/


(also beaucoup de)
informal mainly US
  • Many or much.

    • ‘beaucoup profits are at stake’
    • ‘I've never met anyone with beaucoup de bucks that didn't work their butt off’
    • ‘Texas is home to some 621,000 registered boats (and beaucoup unregistered canoes and kayaks) powered and paddled and sailed along a vast coastline and on more inland water than in any other state.’
    • ‘I give beaucoup extra points to applicants who have lived through real struggle and who have shown determination amid adversity.’
    • ‘Though some might even argue that it's beaucoup plus cocktail than London, what with its particular brand of super flashy footbally affluence and designer glamour.’
    • ‘Since passing the 2002 law, senators have gleefully cashed beaucoup campaign contribution checks from these CEOs and their lobbyists.’
    • ‘With no expense spared, the 10,000 white flowers, 45 chefs and beaucoup caviar were merely icing on the extravagant cake.’
    • ‘To get the money, he turned to his lobbyist pals - and, as ranking Republicans on the Finance Committee, he had beaucoup lobbyist pals.’
    • ‘From now until forever, or at least through August, there will be beaucoup sharks in nearshore water.’
    • ‘Where hunters can set their decoys in feeding fields or on ponds that held beaucoup birds the previous day, shooting could be fast.’
    • ‘The tobacco bullies are suing ABC for beaucoup bucks and wailing that they had been ‘defamed.’’
    • ‘Both have pocketed beaucoup bucks from the oil giants, and both have loyally sided with the industry to get whatever it wants.’
    • ‘You don't have to spend beaucoup bucks on a gym membership to get in shape.’
    • ‘Wow, he had to have had beaucoup bucks to afford a car like that.’
    • ‘Americans put a high price on their smiles and these days, it seems as if everyone is willing to spend beaucoup bucks to whiten their teeth.’
    • ‘Retail brands spend beaucoup bucks on advertising to build brand recognition, a fact that's reflected on the price tag.’


French, ‘a large quantity, a lot’.