Meaning of beautifier in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbjuːtɪfʌɪə/


See beautify

‘Hence, Beach Day celebrations were the perfect excuse to honour them - even the lifeguards and beautifiers.’
  • ‘Beach beautifiers clean up the sands for two hours every morning and evening, but in the meantime, beach users litter the place.’
  • ‘The South Chennai Exnora had employed nine beach beautifiers to clean the beach every morning and night, he added.’
  • ‘The recyclable component, which includes plastics, metals and glass, is sold to scrap dealers by the ‘street beautifier’ whose income it augments by way of a bonus.’
  • ‘Each person could also be understood not only relationally, but also in terms of beauty, as the beautifier, the beautiful, and as prime beauty.’