Meaning of beautifully in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbjuːtɪf(ə)li/

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  • 1In a way that pleases the senses or mind aesthetically.

    ‘she does sing beautifully’
    • ‘a beautifully illustrated book’
    • ‘Can the vampires, championed by the beautifully dangerous Selene, stop them before it's too late?’
    • ‘A few of these had cushions with beautifully hand-worked needlepoint covers.’
    • ‘It is a beautifully designed volume, with illustrations of the covers of his various books.’
    • ‘The white walls are hung with his spare but beautifully colored canvases.’
    • ‘There were two great vertical millstones of smooth red granite, which shone beautifully from the oil of the ground seeds.’
    • ‘Her beautifully rich, versatile voice slides from smoky low melodies to screaming anger in the space of a line or two.’
    • ‘You are likely to see elegant men and women often beautifully dressed and carrying smart shopping bags from expensive boutiques.’
    • ‘You walk through row upon row of Merlot, Chardonnay and small clusters of Sauvignon Blanc, their beautifully ripe, blue-tinged grapes demanding to be picked.’
    • ‘The house, along with its beautifully kept parkland, lake and trees, was officially handed over to the alliance.’
    • ‘No expense has been spared on the beautifully designed interior.’
    1. 1.1Very well; excellently.
      ‘all the elements combine beautifully’
      • ‘The grass Purple Majesty works beautifully for a large arrangement with two or three sunflowers.’
      • ‘This great action scene, done so beautifully by Molina, once again elevates the movie.’
      • ‘I think they all do that beautifully.’
      • ‘We got on beautifully.’
      • ‘He succeeds beautifully, and any questions raised about his control of the form get smashed to bits.’
      • ‘Such a moment works so beautifully precisely because humor was not necessarily what we were expecting.’
      • ‘The birchwood furniture is particularly impressive, with its understated designs that marry form and function beautifully.’
      • ‘Capturing beautifully the awkwardness that follows a first intimate encounter, the scene evolves into a roller coaster of emotion.’
      • ‘We draw your attention to the reactions from the Yonkers school, whose students seem to nail it all beautifully.’
      • ‘I have been careful with the car, and it has performed beautifully from the first day.’