Meaning of beaverboard in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbiːvəbɔːd/


mass nounmainly North American
  • A kind of fibreboard used in building.

    ‘On the near side of a waist-high beaverboard counter, a jeans-clad lady fussed to firm up further arrangements.’
    • ‘The entire building had become a giant rabbit warren of beaverboard and drywall cubicles for almost 5,000 people.’
    • ‘The settlement round the point was abandoned, and the beaverboard houses moved down behind the Store around the Lagoon.’
    • ‘‘My original chart,’ he told the scouts, ‘was made out of beaverboard, two by three feet.’’
    • ‘The walls are a combination of beaverboard and panelling.’
    • ‘The windowsills and doorways were sanded and varnished, and three new beaverboard panels were installed in the ceiling upstairs and primed and painted.’
    • ‘Partitions and ceiling in the residence are beaverboard painted white.’
    • ‘The wall was beaverboard, and we left the door open.’
    • ‘The room beyond my beaverboard wall is occupied by a man who always keeps his door open; well, not always but always when he's plucking his eyebrows, which he does with Buddhist concentration.’
    • ‘You will need some tracing paper and some 12 mm or half inch thick MDF [medium density fibreboard, apparently also called beaverboard in the US].’