Meaning of because of in English:

because of

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  • On account of; by reason of.

    ‘they moved here because of the baby’
    • ‘Some would even say the only reason they go to watch Tranmere is because of Iain alone.’
    • ‘We hate to think that the reason we are the way we are is because of our genes, for example.’
    • ‘You have mentioned it a number of times that the reason the load is low is because of the cap.’
    • ‘The loss of a handful of email messages because of a technical glitch is an irritation.’
    • ‘My mole at Camden said last summer they wouldn't get one now because of the bus stop.’
    • ‘I hate that image, not because of what it stood for but what it always reminded me of.’
    • ‘It was a lovely day but because of the slight breeze we had not realised quite how hot it must have been.’
    • ‘The obvious point being that they were not siding with them because of those values.’
    • ‘Lives are being put at risk in a village because of a plague of pigeons, a woman has claimed.’
    • ‘It would be a great shame if we ever had to lock our churches because of vandalism.’
    • ‘Was this because of the food or were the jumpers on display in the shop the magnet?’
    • ‘Four games were abandoned because of bad light but in the main the league got off to a good start.’
    • ‘He did not like them because of the offences they had committed and he wanted a transfer.’
    • ‘After a couple of years we closed down because of lack of interest by adults in the village.’
    • ‘He had to stop work as a retail assistant at Iceland in Rochdale because of ill health.’
    • ‘Some airport staff were unable to make it into work on time because of huge traffic jams.’
    • ‘Houston said that a number of planes had crashed in the past because of trim problems.’
    • ‘He also has a broad basis of support because of his background as a trade union official.’
    • ‘Name a store or restaurant you no longer visit because of a bad experience you had there.’
    • ‘They waded towards the car but could not reach it because of the depth of the water.’
    on account of, as a result of, as a consequence of, owing to, by reason of, on grounds of, by dint of, due to
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