Meaning of bechance in English:


Pronunciation /bɪˈtʃɑːns/

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[no object] literary
  • Happen or find by chance.

    ‘the most extraordinary person I ever have bechanced upon’
    • ‘the occasion to be in London finally bechanced him’
    • ‘So, fearing lest a worse thing should bechance him, from Abbeville he went up to Paris.’
    • ‘My sons - God knows what hath bechanced them.’
    • ‘It was only yesterday morning that she had bechanced to see it, not surprisingly following a discussion on that very same subject.’
    • ‘I must ask of you to take a small body of picked men, and ride forth towards Blois, and see what bechances there.’
    • ‘He had no choice, apparently, but to go sleep in the bushes in his local park, where, happily, he bechanced upon a coat that provided a smidgin of warmth.’
    happen, occur, take place, come about, transpire, arise, chance