Meaning of becomingness in English:


Pronunciation /bɪˈkʌmɪŋnəs/

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‘Delight in the boy can only be sharpened by the pathos and irony of his condition of becomingness.’
  • ‘And she should not, if she values becomingness, attempt to follow every whim of Fashion.’
  • ‘Dignified affability is the becomingness of superiority, which while it does not remove the line of distinction, does not render it painfully visible.’
  • ‘The mode of hairdressing has a great deal to do with the becomingness of hats.’
  • ‘The idea of character denies my becomingness and emphasized my beingness.’
  • ‘And talking about a beneficial effect upon a woman's complexion, let me mention once again the exceeding becomingness of the new shades of blue, these being rather of the sugar-paper order of blue, but a little lighter in colour perhaps, yet having that vivid tone about it.’