Meaning of bed and board in English:

bed and board

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  • Lodging and food, typically forming part of someone's wages.

    ‘she had bed and board and two shillings a day pay’
    • ‘As well as bed and board, she would be granted a generous wage.’
    • ‘She began her career as an impoverished illustrator, earning her bed and board as the lowly assistant manager of an undergraduate dormitory at New York University.’
    • ‘They come to the UK for six weeks to two years, living with and working for a family in exchange for free bed and board and £50 spending money a week.’
    • ‘This is basically an address book of organic producers looking for casual workers willing to dig up a few spuds or milk the odd goat in exchange for bed and board.’
    • ‘His volunteers have to pay for their flight, insurance and pocket money, but the orphanage provides free bed and board.’
    • ‘He was asked to take in a young man who urgently needed overnight accommodation, and told he would be paid for his trouble, and compensated for bed and board.’
    • ‘Even in my first job I had bed and board and with £6 a week to spend on myself I was rich beyond belief.’
    • ‘Every student will get full bed and board and at the moment, we're working on what it should cost.’
    • ‘He was taken in by a busy cook who offered him bed and board in exchange for skivvying.’
    • ‘In return for volunteers' helping hands, hosts provide bed and board, and share their knowledge and expertise.’