Meaning of bed sheet in English:

bed sheet


  • A sheet for a bed.

    ‘bed sheets and pillowcases are supplied’
    • ‘She fell off the side of the bed, tangled in the bed sheets.’
    • ‘She savored the feeling of the white cotton bed sheets against her bare skin.’
    • ‘They groan and pull their bed sheets over their head.’
    • ‘He took his bed sheets and put them on Rosemary's bed.’
    • ‘He tied together bed sheets and then climbed down to the street.’
    • ‘Dozens of patients escaped by climbing down knotted bed sheets.’
    • ‘Susan has been changing the bed sheets.’
    • ‘The bed sheet was pulled high up over his head.’
    • ‘Hanna ran up to them holding two blankets and a bed sheet she had taken off the bed in her chambers.’
    • ‘There were dinosaur toys, dinosaur books, even dinosaur bed sheets.’