Meaning of bedad in English:


Pronunciation /bɪˈdad/


  • Used to express surprise or for emphasis.

    ‘They gave a shout of joy, but bedad, when they offered to get up they found themselves glued to their stone seats.’
    • ‘Well, he stood there and talked with her awhile in the rain, and he was a-getting so wet, and he says, ‘Well, bedad,’ he says, ‘I'm a-coming in!’’
    • ‘‘But bedad afore he could put two words to that, there kem a blow in his face that knocked him flat, an’ a voice cried out in hollow tones, ‘Rise, Michael Donnel, and behold yer gran'fayther's shpirit!’’
    • ‘Oh bedad. How far will will they go to keep this particular cat in the bag?’


Early 18th century alteration of by God; compare with begad and Gad.