Meaning of bedding plant in English:

bedding plant


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  • A plant set into a garden bed or container when it is about to bloom, typically an annual used for display and discarded at the end of the season.

    ‘Use as a bedding plant, container plant, in a mixed border or butterfly garden.’
    • ‘The most popular plants to grow are annual bedding plants, which produce all of their flowers in one season, and are considered to be the gardener's favorite.’
    • ‘There will be a large selection perennials, bedding plants, pot plants, shrubs, trees, heathers, containers and planters.’
    • ‘There will be a large display of bedding plants, trees, shrubs and roses for sale.’
    • ‘I have remedied this by rushing out at lunchtime to the local garden centre to buy bedding plants that are flowering, which I'll quickly pot up tonight.’
    • ‘Don't be tempted by tender bedding plants in garden centres yet.’
    • ‘There are also plenty of hardy spring bedding plants which can be planted now and container grown shrubs and trees which can be planted at any time.’
    • ‘In May, there will be a wide range of bedding plants, plants for hanging baskets and pots all at competitive prices.’
    • ‘A trip to your local garden centre now will reveal a good range of bedding plants that can be planted immediately.’
    • ‘Generally, dwarf varieties of Dahlias are started as bedding plants and then treated as annual plants.’
    • ‘There are also plenty of hardy summer bedding plants shrubs and trees which can be planted now.’
    • ‘Do not use it on bedding plants or in areas where bedding plants will be planted within 1 year following application or on ground covers until they are established and well rooted.’
    • ‘I've planted some of them this morning - according to the packet you can grow them all year round for foliage houseplants, or in spring if you want to use them as summer bedding plants in the garden.’
    • ‘Grass on the other hand needs to be cut fortnightly and bedding plants need to be planted and dug up twice a year, weeded regularly, deadheaded and fertilised.’
    • ‘Choose from our large selection of bedding plants, shrubs, potting plants.’
    • ‘It can be used as a bedding plant, and produces a continuos blaze of color from early summer until the first frost of late autumn.’
    • ‘She needed some bedding plants for her hanging baskets.’
    • ‘There was a large selection of bedding plants, shrubs, flowers and trees, something of choice for everyone.’
    • ‘Against my better judgement we went to the garden centre for a few trays of summer bedding plants.’
    • ‘The ladies who look after the flowers have been selecting the bedding plants and preparing the planters and hanging baskets.’