Meaning of bedmate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɛdmeɪt/

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  • A person, especially a sexual partner, with whom one shares a bed.

    ‘He'd had his share of bedmates, though all forgotten the next night; but he was discreet about his exploits.’
    • ‘Antony, Caesar's lieutenant who eventually succeeded him as Cleopatra's bedmate and political partner, fares less well.’
    • ‘Hell, my bedmate, the love of my life, and partner for all time works on these exact issues!’
    • ‘Meanwhile, one of Hlynur's own casual bedmates might be pregnant.’
    • ‘And most of the time she served as unwilling bedmate to her ‘boyfriend,’ to whom she bore a son.’
    • ‘Before I knew it, Marius and I crossed the line between roommates, and, well, bedmates and we had a serious relationship.’
    • ‘Their only fellow bedmates now were the old man snoring noisily against the far wall, and the cat curled above Michael's head like a black fur halo.’
    • ‘Let's see… you insulted me a few times, but you apologized, and you're not that bad of a bedmate, at least you didn't steal the covers.’
    • ‘It wasn't until after DC had showered and changed into a neatly creased camo green-colored knee-length cotton skirt, a lightweight white tank top, and a pair of tan sandals, that her bedmate actually woke up.’
    • ‘He can't help wanting more from his bedmate in ‘Cold Swedish Winter’, but she just ‘wants somebody to hold me through the night.’’
    • ‘What you can do, though, is fool your brain into thinking your longtime lover is actually a brand-new bedmate with the ability to spread your genetic code over a whole different part of the world.’
    • ‘I did not think a few people minded - I for one relished all of those opportunities, for I had Trina as a bedmate, and I wouldn't have wished for anyone else.’
    • ‘Some got up for awhile; most probably lay in bed thinking, dozing, or talking with their bedmate, before falling asleep for another four hours or so.’
    • ‘He looked at his companion and, apparently, bedmate.’
    • ‘You are an open, stimulating, romantic bedmate.’
    • ‘As a young child he had shared a bed with his sister, and there is a certain companionship one has with a bedmate that he had forgotten about.’
    • ‘That stopped Trev's thoughts of the best way to wake his bedmate cold.’
    • ‘Ruby has now become my bedmate - a soft, fuzzy little bunny snuggling beside me.’
    • ‘As soon as Lincoln revealed his poverty, Speed invited him to be his bedmate.’
    • ‘Lynette muttered, pulling the blanket over the heads of her and her bedmate, Eleanor.’