Meaning of bedside manner in English:

bedside manner

Pronunciation /ˌbɛdsʌɪd ˈmanə/


  • A doctor's approach or attitude to a patient.

    ‘my reputation for a sympathetic bedside manner’
    • ‘he was brisk and elderly with very little bedside manner’
    • ‘It was not just their approach in general because I observed their amicable bedside manner with other patients.’
    • ‘In fact, the main aspects of quality we see and judge are waiting times, the reception area, hospital food and the doctor's bedside manner.’
    • ‘The aim is to produce young doctors who know the theory, but also have the experience and bedside manner to deal with patients face to face.’
    • ‘What good they did was mostly achieved through a confident bedside manner, reassuring the patient that all would be well.’
    • ‘You just now have a doctor with a better bedside manner.’
    • ‘The idea of the scheme is to let medical staff understand how it feels to be a patient and how simple amendments to their bedside manner can make all the difference to good care.’
    • ‘It was less the technical aspect - she was very comfortable with administering medicine and treatment - but her bedside manner.’
    • ‘Nurses complain that doctors don't listen to patients, don't explain things to patients, don't want to collaborate, have terrible bedside manner… and on and on.’
    • ‘As a future doctor, the young Mr. Haze already feels that he is developing a rather nice bedside manner, which his many patients will greatly appreciate one day.’
    • ‘On the other hand, I am now more convinced than ever that Maggie will make a great doctor: what, with her bedside manner and everything.’
    • ‘Brushing up on your bedside manner may mean more to your patients than spending more time with them.’
    • ‘For example, we assume our doctors know medicine, so we judge them on their bedside manner.’
    • ‘His authoritative bedside manner would also have contributed to his success with patients.’
    • ‘With a pleasant bedside manner, he made me feel very comfortable and took the time to provide me with a detailed explanation of what the chemo treatments involved and how they would be administered.’
    • ‘He is quite bright and has the most impeccable bedside manner.’
    • ‘Again the staff's bedside manner was impeccable, and helped us through a long evening of hanging around waiting to feel better.’
    • ‘Actually talk to them, treat them like human beings, it's the bedside manner it comes down to at the end of the day.’
    • ‘Patients equate ‘goodness’ with up to date medical knowledge and clinical skill, strong ethical standards, and a bedside manner that is empathetic, courteous, and kind.’
    • ‘Eliss' bedside manner was almost precisely what he needed, and he could feel some of the tension that bunched in his shoulders and neck letting go with her competence and comfort.’
    • ‘As much as I personally like your bedside manner, I just don't see you as the healing type.’