Meaning of bedsock in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɛdsɒk/


mainly British
  • Each of a pair of thick socks worn for extra warmth in bed.

    ‘And I've come to the conclusion that I can't live anywhere without a summer, I refuse to believe that wearing thick coats in August and bedsocks, like some 90 year old granny counts as summer!’
    • ‘Ever since society stopped expecting those approaching 60 to put on bedsocks, a new generation of thirtysomethings have had to come to terms with fretting over their parents' irresponsible behaviour.’
    • ‘And they all stepped aside and there he was and I said thank god and I woke up sweating and cold, even with bedsocks on.’
    • ‘Wear bedsocks at night if necessary.’
    • ‘I wear bedsocks and warm my feet on one hot water bottle and my hands on the other.’