Meaning of Bedu in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɛduː/

nounplural noun Bedu

  • another term for Bedouin (noun)

    ‘I was determined to travel as an equal of the Bedu,’ says Thesiger. ‘So I travelled in their dress, without shoes and with a dagger and a cooking pot.’
    • ‘The five most memorable years of his life were among the Bedu in Arabia's southern desert - the half-million square miles of the Empty Quarter.’
    • ‘The Bedu for example, as I first knew them, were a laughing happy community.’
    • ‘The Bedu for their part see themselves as guardians of Arab virtues, like loyalty, physical courage, and, above all, generosity.’
    • ‘The best-known folk art in Kuwait is that of the Bedu, particularly weavings done with brightly colored wool on a loom called a sadu.’
    • ‘The only native Emirian artistic traditions are those passed down from the Bedu nomads.’
    • ‘Even the formerly nomadic Bedu now live in air-conditioned houses built by the government.’


  • another term for Bedouin (adjective)