Meaning of bee balm in English:

bee balm


another term for "sweet bergamot" (see bergamot)
‘Sunlight flashed tree shadows on the farm's face as beams broke from behind a cloud, and a head-turning buzz brought my eyes to the scarlet bee balm flowers beside me.’
  • ‘He noticed the snapdragons and bee balm growing along the walk beside the mangled chrysanthemums.’
  • ‘If your garden has a low, damp area, plant moisture lovers like the rosy-flowered swamp milkweed, Joe-pye weed, forget-me-nots, bee balm, and meadow sweet.’
  • ‘On the south side of the fence, triangular-shaped planting beds hold low-growing crops, such as melons, peppers, and squash; herbs; and flowers, such as bee balm and scabiosa, that attract beneficial insects.’
  • ‘Old-fashioned, heirloom-type flowers like bee balm, black-eyed Susan, cleome, sunflower, and zinnia are also excellent; they have more pollen and nectar than highly developed hybrids.’
  • ‘Hummingbirds, for example, are attracted to red flowers, such as bee balm, although you also may wish to fill a hummingbird feeder with a sugar-water mixture.’
  • ‘Provide bright flowers such as columbine, Japanese quince, scarlet sage, snapdragons, coral bells, trumpet honeysuckle, bee balm, phlox and others that are tube-shaped to attract hummingbirds.’
  • ‘The mints are basil, bee balm, horehound, hyssop, lemon balm (also known as melissa), marjoram, oregano, peppermint, rosemary, sage, savory, spearmint and thyme.’
  • ‘I thought my father in his time would have preferred scarlet bee balm and black-eyed Susans.’
  • ‘We used insectary plants, including herbs like chamomile, fennel, and oregano; and flowers such as bee balm, scabiosa, sunflower, and zinnia.’
  • ‘‘Red flowers, like bee balm, make a wonderful accent,’ she adds, ‘but a little goes a long way.’’
  • ‘Native wildflowers such as black-eyed susans and phlox also bring them in, as does the aptly named bee balm, a hardy, spreading perennial that Native Americans used for tea.’
  • ‘You can even create your own blend by adding leaves of other herbs, such as orange mint, bee balm or lemon verbena.’
  • ‘And be sure to include herbs: fennel, oregano, lavender, bee balm, and sage.’
  • ‘Among popular hummingbird plants are single varieties of trumpet creeper, impatiens, bee balm, and salvia.’
  • ‘That is more than fifty times the amount produced by a single jewelweed or bee balm flower visited by ruby-throated hummingbirds during the summertime in eastern North America.’