Meaning of beefcake in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbiːfkeɪk/

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mass noun informal
  • Attractive men with well-developed muscles.

    • ‘pictures of tanned beefcake’
    • ‘he tried to lose his beefcake image’
    • ‘the film includes a trio of hunky beefcakes’
    • ‘No fool, he also cultivated a lucrative enterprise from his beefcake image.’
    • ‘He was the resident beefcake after all, he was pretty strong.’
    • ‘Not exactly beefcake territory, you follow me?’
    • ‘It features beefcake firefighters and costs £6.99.’
    • ‘While I admit to the occasional beefcake weakness, the rumpled intellectual look tends to keep my knees most lastingly shaky.’
    • ‘Yes, you did read that correctly, the 6ft 4in beefcake is playing Aladdin.’
    • ‘Either way, Jayne does view some ancient Olympic ruins and envisions bulked up beefcake comparing their quadriceps.’
    • ‘The nominee must be an actual person who has performed this vital public service; female readers may nominate women who have devised serious-sounding reasons to leer at beefcake.’
    • ‘There was no way that I had been miserable for two weeks over a girl that would rather hang out with that… beefcake, than apologize to me - or Robbie!’
    • ‘He plays a straight-laced risk assessor on honeymoon, who finds that his new wife takes a shine to the first beefcake she meets.’
    • ‘Thus, it's refreshing to have an opportunity to see an intelligent slice of beefcake use his masculine wiles to seduce and coerce a woman to do his bidding.’
    • ‘If you like a healthy dose of blood in your beefcake and you think men with bloodied white T-shirts and black eyes are sexy, then this is the movie you've been waiting for.’
    • ‘This prime slice of beefcake beds the young princess within moments of meeting her.’
    • ‘No matter what movie you put him in, he's always going to be the same lumbering, thick accented beefcake he's always been.’
    • ‘Women who have created serious-sounding reasons to leer at beefcake?’
    • ‘I can't believe you left with that gorgeous beefcake.’
    • ‘Martha was particular about her men - big, beefcake, handsome men who wore very little.’
    • ‘Mark is just beefcake, anyhow.’
    • ‘The answer lies with those tanned beefcakes, the Gladiators.’
    • ‘I have put a stone on in weight, but I don't want to be a muscle-bound beefcake who can't get around the pitch.’
    muscleman, strongman, macho, macho man, iron man, Hercules, Atlas, Samson, Tarzan