Meaning of beeline in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbiːlʌɪn/

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  • A straight line between two places.

    ‘James kept walking toward the front of the school in a straight beeline for their rented silver Nissan Altima.’
    • ‘He zoomed in and out of the slower traffic, making a direct beeline for the USS Golden Phoenix.’
    • ‘The beeline sidewalk that shot straight up to the front door was ripped out and replaced by a gently curving, gently climbing brick-lined path.’
    • ‘At the jetty were two naval ships, including INS Tir, welcoming beelines of visitors on board.’
    • ‘We kind of made a beeline along with everyone else.’
    • ‘Customers are forming a beeline at the city's malls to grab those coveted garments for the super sales on designer labels.’
    • ‘1980 saw a beeline of American diplomats and officials coming to Kashmir.’
    • ‘Not because they have to shell out huge sums, but for the simple reason that they have to spend half their day crawling to the counters in a beeline.’
    • ‘There will be a beeline in the front of the physio room after the hard day's work.’
    • ‘I beeline to the bathroom, and Mr. Misunderstood beelines for the bar.’
    • ‘Oh, perfect, I thought as I lunged from the sofa, barreled out the door and started sprinting in a beeline to the liquor store three blocks away.’


    make a beeline for
    • Hurry directly to.

      ‘the city commuters made a beeline for the bar’
      • ‘At this point, the focal point of the crowd rested on the door as everyone made a beeline for outside.’
      • ‘The lift bumped to a gentle stop at the ground floor and the doors opened, Catherine hurried out straight away and made a beeline for the exit.’
      • ‘Ever since the baby was born, visitors to the zoo are making a beeline for the hippo enclosure to see the new arrival.’
      • ‘And when the evening arrived, one was not surprised to see many making a beeline for the venue.’
      • ‘And those in the know would ignore the party pies, sausage rolls and sandwiches at the half-time afternoon tea spread and make a beeline for the chocolate cake.’
      • ‘He turned round hastily and made a beeline straight for the door.’
      • ‘With that, she turned and made a beeline straight for my mother and her friends, leaving me with Sarah.’
      • ‘As we left the classroom, Ann made a beeline to Michelle's desk to plead her case.’
      • ‘The latecomers made a beeline to the reception desk, showing their entrance forms and collecting their sheets and gifts.’
      • ‘However, the tourists make a beeline to this house.’


Early 19th century with reference to the straight line supposedly taken instinctively by a bee when returning to the hive.