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  • 1Drinking a large quantity of beer.

    ‘I observed, in fine egalitarian style, a punt full of beer-swilling lads float by - a mate running along the tow path, shooting down the bank, using a punt full of tourists as a stepping stone, and leaping in among them.’
    • ‘She cares about the welfare of others and the environmental legacy we'll leave our kids, unlike the beer-swilling brain-dead, who know nothing, and care even less, about either.’
    • ‘It makes a change from the beer-swilling, girl-chasing, drugs-flirting image that he has specialised in back home before disappearing to far-flung parts for his gap year.’
    • ‘They are not beer-swilling, trouble-causing louts who litter the streets, taking up police time and making York and every other city in the UK dangerous places to be every weekend.’
    • ‘The Vegas audience of polyester-clad gamblers and middle-aged couples contrast starkly with the fag-puffing, beer-swilling crowds at home.’
    • ‘Although the good people of Munchen are renowned for their beer-swilling skills at the annual Oktoberfest, it seems they are not afraid to travel for their few pints.’
    • ‘Beneath that Kiwi veneer of earthy, beer-swilling practicality, we're actually outstandingly good at the pure abstract stuff.’
    • ‘A show about beer-swilling high school boys doesn't register on the serious-theatre metre, but this show is subtly about so much more.’
    • ‘Drink is one of the major social problems which contributes to the perception that streets are not safe after dark, unless you happen to be part of a gang of beer-swilling teens.’
    • ‘I mean, why would beer-swilling, loutish men ever want to watch these events?’
    • ‘The gym is hardly the place for lardy beer-swilling darts players.’
    • ‘As Ken points out, for the sake of a few quid, they will lose much custom from beer-swilling jazzers and folkies.’
    • ‘Many sports fans who would rather watch the Super Bowl with a bunch of beer-swilling buddies than be present at the birth of their first child often recite that fired old saw about hockey being more violent than any other sport.’
    • ‘He chose that path, this beer-swilling, wild life.’
    • ‘You'll definitely be in better shape than a beer-swilling, channel-surfing couch potato, but you won't be very fit.’
    • ‘The journey they make from their local watering hole to the sea allows the beer-swilling laddish men to swap stories, memories and reflect on times past.’
    • ‘Then there's Buzzo, a beer-swilling alcoholic with neurological problems.’
    • ‘But even my beer-swilling customers seemed to have the same ennui that I did.’
    • ‘These riders have different needs than the jeans-wearing, beer-swilling bikers of days past.’
    • ‘You know that at best Billy will be crushed by pit life and at worst he will eventually turn into a version of his swaggering, beer-swilling elder brother.’
    1. 1.1Boorish or rowdy.
      ‘some beer-swilling yobs went on the rampage in Cranfield’
      • ‘Two teenage friends were punched and robbed by a gang of beer-swilling thugs.’
      • ‘But if you've been put-off by holidaying in Cyprus by the tabloid tales of beer-swilling thugs, drunken teenagers and late night revelling, think again.’